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Hello <PredictScript />

PredictScript is Prediction-as-a-Service.

With PredictScript, you don't create and manage datasets or train models. Instead, you simple ask for a prediction, then label the outcome later. PredictScript learns automatically based on your labels.

Models for PredictScript are simply the name of the prediction you ask for and the set of outcome labels you send. For example, to create a "Will this user sign up" model, you just call predict(SIGN_UP_MODEL_NAME, USER_FEATURES) and pass the features you know about the user. Later if the user signs up you call label(SIGN_UP_MODEL_NAME, true) to indicate the user signed up. PredictScript learns automatically from the data you send.
That's It.

PredictScript handles data collection / cleaning / warehousing, and model selection / training / serving. It's all done completely invisibly to you. Just plug in and you'll be using making predictions in production shortly.

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